The Fortunate Unfortunates

The Fortunate Unfortunates

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Janae (ju~nay) By letswriteourHeartout Updated Nov 06, 2015

It's year 2058, and the only nice place to live in is the modern community: U.Qweenston. The rest of civilization, which is separated from the community by a grand, steel wall, is in ruins, and the citizens are barely maintaining an ordinary life.

Then there's Ahlam- an island, bought by a rich woman, years ago, to offer adolescents from the ruined society a place of happiness, like a utopia. But space is limited. And to continue this "utopia" the eldest teens on the island are to battle to the death, of all but two, to make room for newcomers.

None of this affects Melody, an average teenager living in U.Qweenston, but lately she's been feeling isolated from everything; and she's no longer sure if feeling content is good enough. So when she learns about Ahlam and the battles that go on there, she can either: live with the upsetting new knowledge, safe, in her comfort zone- alongside her parents within the steel wall-, or adventure out to speak against the island maker herself. But what's a sheltered teen, and her opinion, against real authority who's seen bloodshed before? All Melody has is determination, but determination can go a long way… So far, as to victory; or so far, as to death.

Read, and journey with her as she rediscovers the word utopia, discovers a dystopian world, and learns who and where she truly wants to be, because these discoveries won't come easy.

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