Warriors: Broken Threads: Between the Lines (Oneshot)

Warriors: Broken Threads: Between the Lines (Oneshot)

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Blaze By Blazestorm Updated Jan 04, 2015

Side Story/ Oneshot companion piece to my current series Warriors: Broken Threads.

The Dark Forest's influence spreads vast throughout the forest, affecting even the most unaware with their tricks. Even the most innocent of cats are touched by their evil. This oneshot focuses on Cloudpaw, a future character of RussetClan who will be mildly important. It delves into his mind, and the workings of the Dark Forest and how they affect cats. 

It does give a lot of insight as to what is happening in the series as a whole; the Dark Forest is the main threat of the series and the series will end when the Dark Forest is stalled. I wrote it based slightly off of how the Dark Forest influences cats in the Erin Warrior's Arcs, but with more... well, with more subtleties. 

If anyone wants me to continue this, or to take more characters and give them short backstories, feel free to say so! I also take requests for your own OC's and characters, and am willing to write for your stories as well.

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