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Danielle By Juiced Updated Jun 14, 2015

The charmingly cliche life of a struggling young author always makes for an interesting story. They move to New York City, live off the land for a few months, then finally get their big break... along with a handsome piece of arm candy to share the spotlight with. 

This... isn't quite that story. 

Eliza Montgomery moves to New York City for the same reason every other beautiful young writer moves to New York City - to be published and taken seriously. She moves away to leave her old life in the Suburbs, and in turn, finds herself leading the same life she always has, with a slightly higher cost of living. She grows tired of her life as a shut-in who hardly leaves her apartment, and decides to get inspiration from somewhere other than her freshly painted living room walls. 

Her journey takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with another person in a similar situation. With her newly acquired friend, she partakes in the most fulfilling journey of her life. Of course, there have to be some bumps along the way, right?


cover: @juiced (yours truly)
editing: @juiced (yours truly)
basically everything else: @juiced (yours truly)

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