Willful Ignorance (hg fanfic)

Willful Ignorance (hg fanfic)

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Emma By panemgirl Updated Feb 12, 2015

In the ruins of a land once known as North America lies Panem and its shinning capital and twelve outlying districts. 

Specktra Satis lives in District 3 , one of the twelve outlying Districts of the capital. With her love of knowledge and her secret stash of books she already knows more than most. Now, she has to put her mind to the test in the 61st Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live television against 24 boys and girls ages twelve through eighteen.  Will her brain be her greatest strength or her worst enemy?

Caden Lachlan's biggest worry is providing food for his little brother and sister in their home of District 5. When reaped into the 61st Hunger Games, his life, for the first time, becomes important. Caden must learn to fight for himself and not for the ones he loves.

After all... "May the odds be ever in your favor"

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