Driven Under (Rick Grimes) [The Walking Dead]

Driven Under (Rick Grimes) [The Walking Dead]

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pixelrh By pixelrh Updated Feb 22, 2015

The world has hit the shit fan. The dead are roaming the streets feasting on anything that has a heartbeat. No one can stop it. No one will come to save you. The only thing that you can do is survive.

Separated from her husband and son, Kristen James strives to keep herself and her sister, Meghan, alive. Hoping one day to be reunited with the two people who mean the most to her. Her search takes an unexpected detour when her and her sister come across a group on the highway. Along the way, Kristen falls head over heels for a certain Sheriff.  Together, they try to find shelter, a cure for the virus, and most importantly survive in this cruel world.

I do not own any characters from The Walking Dead, however Kristen, Meghan, and Liam are mine.  ©Copyright 2015

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