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Percy Jackson and Uncle Bruce (A PJO and Avengers Crossover) *Rewrite is Up*

Percy Jackson and Uncle Bruce (A PJO and Avengers Crossover) *Rewrite is Up*

110K Reads 4.3K Votes 27 Part Story
SamanthaPerry0 By SamanthaPerry0 Completed

Percy was abused by Gabe (No rape) and when he killed his mom Percy had enough. He ran away and lives on the street. When police find Percy they take him to the station and call his mothers brother, Bruce Banner. Percy lives with the avengers and are scared of them at first. This is life for Percy Jackson living with the Avengers.
OC Percy Jackson
Gay Percy Jackson

ValdezprotectionX ValdezprotectionX Apr 12, 2016
I imagine him saying it casually while flipping through a magazine
RulerOfMidgard RulerOfMidgard Feb 04, 2016
I get that it was a bit blunt, but that's her job, she pretty much has to be
SkylarkBloo SkylarkBloo Jan 29, 2016
... Oh, sorry to drop this on you out of the blue, buuut... YOUR SIS DEAD N' U NEED 2 TAKE CARE OF HER LIL 6 YIR OL' KIDDIE, M'KAY!?
Altair2Crew_Rook Altair2Crew_Rook Sep 22, 2016
This my might know his older brother...Bob
Hastiefly Hastiefly Mar 13, 2016
Wow his Sister dies and he feel just sorry and that was it.....
lily62516 lily62516 Apr 12, 2016
That was rude and you'd think he would have more of a reaction