New Love (a Shintani Hinata Fanfiction) Maid Sama

New Love (a Shintani Hinata Fanfiction) Maid Sama

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A nightmare By Sweetcandychoco Updated Jan 19, 2017

Kyoko just moved to Seika High school, along with her big brother. She is a very normal girl who never experienced love, but she did experienced a lot of moving schools. She doesn't really make deep friends because she thinks she will move and forget them. But one day she decides to work at a cafe called 'Maid Latte', and she takes the position as a cook thanks to her amazing cooking talents. But she finds out that Misaki works as a maid there, Usui stalks Misaki, and Hinata wants Misaki's attention. Will she survive all of this? Isn't her weird brother enough!!?? XD. 


Maid sama belongs to Hiro Fujiwara, whatsoever some of the characters do belong to me.

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