The beautiful murderer...

The beautiful murderer...

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dancing_fawn By dancing_fawn Updated Jan 04, 2015

He knew something was wrong when he entered the bar. Carefully scanning the room for the obvious clues. A delicate hand lays on his shoulder. as a gorgeous, mid-height, brunette with big piercing blue doe eyes walks to the front of him, still keeping her hand on his shoulder. Although she was pretty he wasn't phased by her, right then he knew she was the killer. 

(6 months earlier)
*phone rings* "agent Brown, what's up?" He says as he answers it. 
"Brown we need you now.  A male looks about in his mid-20's found in an alley."
"Okay, I'll be right there." 

"Brown over here!" His partner called when arriving.
" what do we have temp." (Temp is short for temperance) 
"Well by the looks of it... Who ever did this is wanting us to find them..." She showed me a message on the victims chest written in blood saying 'here's my hand print' with a bloody hand under it.
"They also left a note" she said handing it to me. 

'I enjoyed it! 

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