Power and Control

Power and Control

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Amiah Lewis By roseabell321 Updated Jan 29, 2015

There are many powerful clans in the Shinobi world.

The Uchiha clan, known for their Sharingan.

The Hyuuga clan, known for their Byakuugan and their gentle fist.

The Inuzuka clan, know for their beast mimicry and their ability to understand dogs.

And then their is the Oryozimakui clan. The clan not known for their skills or techniques, or anything for that matter. The hidden clan. One that, in the minds of other's, doesn't exist.

The Oryozimakui clan is prided in their animal ears, tails, and, in very rare cases, claws. There has never been a full human reproduced into their clan. Ever.

There is never a person without some part of an animal. Until now. But the elders kicked her out literally 13 hours after birth. They kicked out their one and only savior.

The elders didn't realize that there has never been a human in their village, so she couldn't have been a full human. It was too late when they did, though. She was gone.

Poof! Disappeared

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