Ender's Mate

Ender's Mate

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Too_Kute_To_Kill By TooKuteToKill Completed

So this is kinda the sequel to my other book Herobrine x Steve. Sucky title I know. This is all about Ender and the minecrafter he falls in love with.

Ps This book will contain boyxboy and maybe smut, unless I chicken out...

Pss I do not own minecraft or any characters revolving around it, except the minecrafter I'm about to make for Ender, that one's mine.

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Lukas_The_Writer Lukas_The_Writer Jun 26, 2015
How about this one
                              Real name: Lukas
                              Username: PikachuMode33
TheBudderDragon TheBudderDragon Jan 21, 2015
Maybe she can be Leilah, a girl that is an ender hybrid but dares not to tell anyone. Her MC name is EnderLeilah
DeTrooGV DeTrooGV Jan 04, 2015
maybe it can be Deadlox and real name Tyler Lox since people had made Enderlox fanfics
Purple_Wolf44 Purple_Wolf44 Jan 04, 2015
minecraft: xXDarkenSpiralXx real: Jacob
                              Ideas: While Ender attends school Jacob is the new boy who's favorite mob is an enderdragon. ender starts talking with Jacob and gets ro know him more. ender falls for jacob and jacob falls for ender. you can decide the rest :)
AuroraSuicune AuroraSuicune Jan 04, 2015
One username you could do is mine. You have permission to use it, it's FireKnight92, and Fire for short. ^^
MicrowaveMadness MicrowaveMadness Jan 04, 2015
Does it have to be an actual username or can we come up with it?