The Beauty In Pain || t.s

The Beauty In Pain || t.s

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♢ By sangsteraf Updated May 03, 2016

He was always the type of guy to fall for a girl that was goody two shoes.

She was always the type of girl to fall for a hopeless romantic.

Luckily, they both had these traits to fall in love with one another. 

Although they had similarities, there were many differences between the two.

He had a wonderful life, filled with luxury, money and happiness.

She had a horrendous life, filled with depression, abuse and betrayal.

Can he help her realize the beauty in life, and show her there's nothing to fear anymore? Will she accept it? 

- This story may have some swearing here and there, and also possible triggering moments to those who have been involved with abuse, alcohol or cutting. There may also be sexual scenes, not made for people younger than fourteen years of age -

A Thomas Brodie-Sangster fanfic

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