Natsu's Little Sister: Fairy Tail FanFiction

Natsu's Little Sister: Fairy Tail FanFiction

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Megurine Luka By Luka_Megurine_102 Updated Jan 12, 2015

Name: Yoru Dragneel

Age: 16

Eye color: One red eye and one ice blue eye

Hair: Mid back length ice blue and pink (Natsu's shade) hair color, bangs cover right eye

Clothes: Black hooded cape, knee high boots, black short skirt and a black tank top covered by no sleeved jacket (Like Natsu's)

Magic: Fire and Ice Dragon Slayer

Dragon: Igneel and Yuki


The correct term is OOC, out of character, oc is own character, not to seem mean...
angelisonearth angelisonearth Sep 23, 2016
Natsu is her brother and Natsu's brother is Zeref and Zeref is her brother..... SCWEW LOGIC!!!!!!!!
xXShiratori_HimeXx xXShiratori_HimeXx Dec 31, 2016
So Zeref fell in love or something with his little sister😫😫to much information!!
angelisonearth angelisonearth Sep 23, 2016
Yep totes spelled it right even though not many people spell it right
lunashine1456 lunashine1456 Sep 10, 2016
Umm... isn't that tenchnacly incest...bc zeref is....natsu's brother....ya brain is broken
DrxgonflyAffect DrxgonflyAffect Jul 06, 2016
Maybe it's because you're her brother and so is Zeref so it's wrongs for him to be kissing her. Also, you're really protective over her.