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divine and holy By Mousedapple Updated Jan 08

(Beautiful cover made by the highly talented Floriah-!)


Waspflight had never fallen in love as a warrior. He'd never found that one she-cat that made his pulse quicken and his tail quiver. He always assumed he'd be one of those cats that never took a mate.

This didn't bother him, of course; Waspflight was a Clan deputy serving under a sick, aging, elderly leader. He knew that he'd become Waspstar soon.

When the day came that Thrushstar died, Waspflight made the journey to the Moonstone, Whitestripe the medicine cat following him. He expected to receive his nine lives and his leader name.

What Waspflight didn't expect, however, was to fall in love, and especially not with a StarClan cat. But when he first saw her, starlight shimmering in her sleek gray tabby pelt and all the light of the moon reflected in her pale leafy eyes, Waspflight knew he had fallen in love, and that he had fallen hard.

But how does one try to start a relationship with a dead cat? Simple.

To start a relationship with a dead cat, one must die.

Bluestar1313 Bluestar1313 Sep 28, 2016
                              *falls on face*
Twigwish Twigwish Nov 06, 2016
I can't wait to read this, I read the description and it sounds great!
Oaapha Oaapha Dec 22, 2016
also, just thought I'd point out that you mistyped Spectrophilia as Specteophilia in the paragraph about LGBT (4th down). just for editing's sake.
AllyInk AllyInk May 12, 2016
I randomly found this and... this sounds amazing.
                              Can't wait :0
MoonRiverTheWarrior MoonRiverTheWarrior Jun 23, 2016
I just read the description and OH MY GOSH I'm excited to read!!!!!
- - Nov 08, 2016
LGBT pride! My older brother is gay and I will support him and any other LGBTs no matter what.