Falling Fast || NYSM [1] ✔️

Falling Fast || NYSM [1] ✔️

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McKenna Marx was just a foster kid, she leaves her life in Washington, DC to go to New York City. As a 21-year-old, McKenna had a hard life of constant moving to place to place with no real home. New York City has been the only good thing that comes out her running away at 16.

Growing up, never knowing what she wanted to be finds herself in the land of magic and mystery. Learning at a young age to trick the eye away from what she was doing. McKenna Marx never knew her parents - they were told to be dead. McKenna never went searching into her birth parents, and she wasn't planning on it any time soon.

So, she's in New York doing what she loves - magic and tricking people. At 21, she's pretty impressive, gaining in popularity as she continued her live. That is, until she reserves this tarot card with the name of THE MAGICIAN. That's only half the fun she's about to get into. Along with J. Daniel Atlas, Henley Reeves, Jack Wilder, and Merritt McKinney, they have to do things that make their name known.

Their name: The Five Horsemen.

Their goal: Get into The Eye.

[A Rewrite]
[First in the McKenna Marx series]

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Pandalion23 Pandalion23 Oct 07, 2017
Uh....you were late....I'd say he's being pretty fair. If you wanna get ahead in life, your ass gotta be early.
FoodFireFox FoodFireFox Dec 26, 2017
When I took 8 different tests, I got the answer of "One card wouldn't fit you, you have the entire pack".
Xx_Deep_Breaths_xX Xx_Deep_Breaths_xX Sep 07, 2017
Whenever I see the March 29 I get so excited because that's my birthday
jjcarroll12 jjcarroll12 Jun 16, 2016
Can someone please explain the times cause it's a little confusing