The Millionaire's Bet [BOOK ONE][#Wattys2015][#SYTYCW15][#CarinaPress]

The Millionaire's Bet [BOOK ONE][#Wattys2015][#SYTYCW15][#CarinaPress]

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kanykane kanykane Oct 15
The heck u didn't even give him time to introduce himself so when exactly did he not give u respect 😑
She's Hispanic with red hair? Ok well that's interesting... Or maybe her husband is Hispanic.
Um, you didn't even give him a chance to form a single sentence. Not to mention, you called him a fùcker and a moron, so you're the disrespectful arseface, actually.
Or maybe she is a sister, they just weren't close...? (Sorry, just didn't want to put a reply on my last comment)
imaginewritedream imaginewritedream 3 days ago
Ugh the book I just read ducked with my mind and her name was Alyssa too.
Or maybe she looks so much like Rebecca bc she may be Rebecca. Maybe something happened, she said she needs the money, maybe she needs tge money bc she has a child. That could be why the company hired her, to give her back to him or have him fix what happened to her. We'll just have to find out.