A Path Walked In Darkness

A Path Walked In Darkness

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Cherryfur had it made in WindClan. She shared meals and moonlit walks with the cat she loved, her Clan was thriving well in the warm newleaf season, and her kits would be born soon.

But disaster soon strikes. Icefur, the former medicine cat, retired to the elders' den many moons ago, is found dead just outside camp. Her death was ruled an accident, that is until Spottedfern, Icefur's successor, discovered a fresh gash in the elder's throat.

Icefur had been murdered.

Several more dead cats had begun to pop up, including Cherryfur's parents. Upon finding her mother's body, Cherryfur was able to discover who the murderer was.

And she was going to take the murderer out herself.

In my Clan, Icefur is a ship name between two cats. That's cute, but sadly they broke up in real
Stagleap is a canon name and belongs to the Erins. It's copyrighted. :/
                              Sorry bout that. Just don't want any trouble!
                              Every other name is beautiful!!
                              im here! uh oh, i here. TROUBLE IS COMING DUN DUN DUNNNNNN
this looks p good already!!
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