The Alpha Puppy

The Alpha Puppy

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hcv1027 By hcv1027 Updated Jun 08

I flopped on my bed exhausted form today. I needed a shower. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the waterfall shower head and striped off the clothes from today. When I hoped in the shower I heard a pawing at the door. I looked out and saw my new puppie outside the shower door. 
"What are you doing fuzzy" I giggled. I watched him as he walked right into the shower with me. I was awed at what I saw. I laughed and just ignored it. I guess he just liked the water. 

I washed my body and my hair. I looked down at my puppy and picked him up, I washed him with his puppy wash. I put him down and he shook, he rubbed against my leg with content. I got out of the shower and dried off. I grabbed Xavier and dried him off to.

This is a book I wanted to write for awhile and this is one of the parts so I hope you enjoy. 


fuicodivita fuicodivita Nov 23
Cliché: "some animal attack" yeah we all know you're gonna discover that werewolf exist and that they killed you mom. 😕