The Beta's Daughter

The Beta's Daughter

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Julie Mason wasn't that popular in her pack, but nobody hated her. She was average, common. Nothing special. 

Julie was okay with that. 

The Alpha of the Golden Blood pack held a celebration for his son's eighteenth birthday. Julie was fifteen, considered an adult, and, as the Beta's daughter, expected to attend the party. 

She was not expected to be the birthday boy's mate. 

Lennox rejected Julie, seeing as his father had already arranged a betrothal between Lennox and another Alpha's daughter. 

But, a few nights later, Lennox came to Julie's window, overcome with need. 

But there was still the problem of Margo Montoya, Lennox's betrothed. 

She fled the pack, not being able to handle the rejection. After joining a new pack and becoming good friends with that Alpha's son, Julie found out that she was pregnant with Lennox's child. 

Ten years later, and Lennox shows up at the pack house, not knowing of the young woman who awaited him inside. 

Or the children he'd never known about.

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