Man Hater

Man Hater

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Kanesha Ross By KaneshaRoss Updated Jul 16, 2016

Quell Jones  hates men. She spent her entire life playing them. Quell will do anything to stay far away from love, but what happens when Rashad, a sexy Aspiring Chief  tires  to change her stubborn ways.  

Rashad Smith wants to become a 5  star restaurant owner and intends not to let love get in his way.  His plans quickly change when he meets the sexy brick house, Quell Jones, but will his  secrets threaten to break them apart . Will he have choose between his career or love ?  

    Will their past keep them apart or drive them closer? What happens when a man hater finds love ?

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Quiana13 Quiana13 Mar 21, 2017
It don't matteeeeer hoe you cheated on ya wife w my bad bitch foh
wedderburn71 wedderburn71 Dec 10, 2017
Girl you need to keep a gun in the nightstand too but that was intense.
Gorgeous_180 Gorgeous_180 Jan 20, 2017
themoonlightbay themoonlightbay Nov 15, 2016
Okay... and..... you still slept with her soooooo why you mad 😂😂😂😁 it don't matter what he says cause she still smashed 💁🏾
EverythingCole EverythingCole Oct 31, 2015
I mean yhu can... Yhu just gotta keep yo gun closer next time😌
EverythingCole EverythingCole Oct 31, 2015
He must of bumped his head, only know its 4 AM... Lol I had to