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Overprotective (larry stylinson au)

Overprotective (larry stylinson au)

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Katherine By larryiswhatweaimfor Updated Jul 04, 2015

Louis had never wanted a relationship like this. Of course, he loved Harry - he loved the boy more than anything. And, at first, their relationship had been perfect. Harry was all gifts and hugs, small pecks on the lips, and amazing sex. But then, Harry had become possessive. Louis, at first, was flattered by how Harry wouldn't hesitate to but in when another bloke was talking to Louis, or how he would give someone a glare for eyeing Louis. Then it escalated. Louis didn't notice how bad it was getting until one night late at the club, when Harry had actually ended up knocking a guy out cold with a slam to the nose just for smacking Louis’ bum. From there it only got worse. Harry deleted other guy’s numbers from Louis’ phone, forbade him from talking to some of his closest friends. Harry hadn't ever hurt Louis, he'd never do that. He was hardly ever allowed out of Harry’s sight anymore. 
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Sounds like me and my Friend except she searched Informations and I sat a whole day in front of My Laptop Tiping of her Info and then re-writing it for the Power Point Presentation (didn't eat that Day much eather)