The strange guy (Gruvia)

The strange guy (Gruvia)

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SAEYOUNG CHOI IS LOVE By Gruvia-forever Completed

A new school year starts for the Fairy Tail students. Juvia Lockser is very sad because holidays are over. She doesn't like to go to school. This year a new student enters her class. He looked mysteriously, Juvia wanted to know more about him. But she never knew that his secret was so... terrible and sad. 


GrUvia ahead ^u^ You might not understand a little bit the story, but in the end you will understand it. And this is my first fanfic so pls be kind x) 
Also, I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does! :3
Hope you like it!
Your gruvia-forever <3

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_Juvia_Lockser_ _Juvia_Lockser_ Nov 01, 2017
Gray Sama is under cover as Lyon-chan and Juvia thinks she’s likes Lyon when Lyon is really Gray Sama (well my brain hurts) now Juvia shall stalk Gray Sama aka “Lyon-Chan”
I do the same thing but I gab my bat and it it on my bed so it won't wake up my mom then I throw away the pieces
akatsukiix akatsukiix Mar 25
thats why i use my phone as a ring cuz i would neva eva throw him
Danger_Seeker Danger_Seeker Oct 02, 2016
Literally me every morning except my mom would force me to buy myself another alarm clock😂
KooKoo_Kookie KooKoo_Kookie Sep 13, 2016
Or does she have a secret stash of alarm clocks because she knew that her daughter would be like this!!😂👍
- - Jul 01, 2016
He makes like I wasn't there, WHAT!? Uhh, I'm really confused.