The strange guy (Gruvia)

The strange guy (Gruvia)

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SAEYOUNG CHOI IS LOVE By Gruvia-forever Completed

A new school year starts for the Fairy Tail students. Juvia Lockser is very sad because holidays are over. She doesn't like to go to school. This year a new student enters her class. He looked mysteriously, Juvia wanted to know more about him. But she never knew that his secret was so... terrible and sad. 


GrUvia ahead ^u^ You might not understand a little bit the story, but in the end you will understand it. And this is my first fanfic so pls be kind x) 
Also, I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does! :3
Hope you like it!
Your gruvia-forever <3

Rule #1 do not steal her cake #2 do not eat her caks #3 do not drop her cake #4 it's the end of the line buddy
Little did Juvia know that The strange guy isn't Lyon Vastia XD
aishiahpayagen aishiahpayagen Dec 27, 2016
Author chan your dead meat for letting them say bad word!!😡
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My mom knows I will smash it on the watt which I have done in my life before and will but my mom started waking me up instead of alarm clock so I can't just smash my mom.
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Literally me every morning except my mom would force me to buy myself another alarm clock😂
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Or does she have a secret stash of alarm clocks because she knew that her daughter would be like this!!😂👍