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The animal Within (creepypasta x reader)

The animal Within (creepypasta x reader)

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❄️❄️Pepper❄️❄️ By GalaxyFreak6101 Updated Nov 27, 2016

You are just a regular teen but you do not know that a special necklace you got from an Indian in the mountains would change you but you were warned; a walk in the woods changes everything (here's a little sneak peek): i go for a late walk into the woods I climb up a tree to see nothing but trees and mountains i looked at the beautiful sight and decide to climb down my necklace started glowing suddenly and I turn around to see why. Read the story to find out what happens next!!! ;)

VitaCats VitaCats Jul 16, 2016
LISTEN TO MY HEART BEAT AS IT BURST WITH A 1000% LOVE, HEY ARE YOU READY?, ok Imma Sri there but when you said music makes my heart beat it reminds me of uta no prince sama
I feel kind of offended by the bio of the story lol We don't say indian and I should no, I wasn't allowed to speak English because my grandparents wanted me to learn the ways of the Native.
                              90% blooded for me
the_brainless_girl the_brainless_girl Dec 21, 2016
All animals should love us and crows should follow us around and give us human teeth
10dogs 10dogs Dec 23, 2016
This is really good and I'm part Indian and I learned a lot about power that Indians have like 'courage,bravery is key to have power for greatness'it's true
AnaidilAnimalove AnaidilAnimalove Sep 07, 2016
Born in the year of the horse! WHAT AN EPIC COINCIDENT!?
AlphaBloodDragon AlphaBloodDragon Sep 22, 2015
Bloody magical Indians. But I have a cousin who is part Indian, I bet they are really nice people. Can't judge a book by its cover, well, haven't really seen one so I don't think that would work. Don't be rushed to judge others?