To have a loving Family (Sasunaru)

To have a loving Family (Sasunaru)

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Sasuke20 By SasuNaru20 Updated May 24, 2016


Gona do some editing before i continue so for no it is ON HOLD 

This is just a random story and make up as I go so be pationt tanks( hoo and sorry for the bad speling i try hard a lot to make it properly not bad(oh and this is the same story as before just a difrent name))

I dont own any of the naruto chareter only the baby but if i did own them then in the anime sasuke and naruto would have been lovers a long time ago XD
hope you enjoy the story 

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Majinbuu12376 Majinbuu12376 Jun 29, 2017
Don't worry about ur English,it's easy to understand. Sasuke is very nice in this.
SasuNaru20 SasuNaru20 Apr 18, 2017
Um im 18years and is there some thing wrong about the story?!!
Tiffanystrawberrylol Tiffanystrawberrylol Apr 25, 2017
If you read her bio it said that English wasn't her first language and that she was trying to improve! So please don't be mean!~
yaoi-me yaoi-me Apr 18, 2017
This story is amazing but seriously how old is the kid making it
ThatSmileyShit ThatSmileyShit Mar 30, 2016
I didn't see the decimal at first, so I was like     ಠ_ಠ?? Is dat possible?
Rei_Ki Rei_Ki Jun 19, 2016
Wow the decimal, normal people will unconscious when it reach 40.00゜C. 😊