To have a loving Family (Sasunaru)

To have a loving Family (Sasunaru)

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Sasuke20 By SasuNaru20 Updated May 24, 2016


Gona do some editing before i continue so for no it is ON HOLD 

This is just a random story and make up as I go so be pationt tanks( hoo and sorry for the bad speling i try hard a lot to make it properly not bad(oh and this is the same story as before just a difrent name))

I dont own any of the naruto chareter only the baby but if i did own them then in the anime sasuke and naruto would have been lovers a long time ago XD
hope you enjoy the story 

ThatSmileyShit ThatSmileyShit Mar 30, 2016
I didn't see the decimal at first, so I was like     ಠ_ಠ?? Is dat possible?
Rei_Ki Rei_Ki Jun 19, 2016
Wow the decimal, normal people will unconscious when it reach 40.00゜C. 😊
Fujoshi_Otakuz Fujoshi_Otakuz Jul 01, 2016
Wait 102.01C° wow and here I thought 40C° was already burning
ThatSmileyShit ThatSmileyShit Mar 30, 2016
I'm being a pain in the butt: does, complete, (for please I usually do plz)
bubblegriffen bubblegriffen Nov 22, 2016
It's when you get a strong urge to run around in a sequin suit doing jazz hands at everyone it's called snazing because you look so snazzy
AshleyAnonymous323 AshleyAnonymous323 Dec 19, 2016
Latter : situation occurring nearer the end of something than the beginning :
                              I googled it! :v