Loving A Werewolf (BoyxBoy) - Book 1 EDITING

Loving A Werewolf (BoyxBoy) - Book 1 EDITING

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Loving A Werewolf Series

Kade Brooks meets Joey Laine on his first day at his new school after his dad had to accept a job offer. After a few homophobic remarks, Kade realizes that it's only because Joey is insecure about his feelings for him. When Joey confesses how he really feels, they start dating and the plot thickens when Kade slowly figures out that Joey is the alpha of the White Water Pack and he was going to be the luna!


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'How to Kill a Mockingbird' 😂😂😂 I'm sorry but I literally laughed for like 7 minutes straight 😂
Raigeon Raigeon Feb 28
Everybody's talking about their grandparents and I'm just "meeeee! she has the same name as meeeeeeee!"
Miquelly Miquelly Feb 21
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