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Tutoring (TeacherxStudent)

Tutoring (TeacherxStudent)

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camren_ship557 By camren_ship557 Completed

Taylor POV 

I woke up to my alarm clock ringing in my ears. I groaned and slammed my fist onto the alarm clock. I sat up and got out of bed slowly. I made my way to the bathroom and got into the shower. I quickly let the warm water take over my body. I washed my hair and body then got out the shower. I wrapped my hair in a towel then dried my body. I put back on my black bra then grabbed a pair of underwear. I slid them on then grabbed white skinny jeans and a black v-neck. I grabbed my red leather jacket and pulled on red converse. I walked back to the bathroom to do my hair. I let my hair out the towel and brushed it out quickly. I walked to my room to grabbed my phone and bag after putting on my black beanie that said 'Awkward' in red writing. I ran down the stairs and saw my brother and parents eating breakfast. "Hey T. Can you take me to school?" My little brother Hayden said, he is 14. "Yeah sure. Are you ready?" I asked and he nodded eating his cereal. "Well I'm leaving in 2 mi...

cassandrim cassandrim Oct 12, 2016
If I was her I would probably not talk to this teacher anymore 😡😡
Atlasan Atlasan Mar 24, 2016
Am I the only one to realise these are basically Lauren Jauregui's best friends? X) This is not a book, it's totally a fanfiction. But saying this I just can't Help but think Taylor's Lauren's sister.. XD
surelations surelations Jan 30
😂😂😂😂I can't believe you typed out most if not all the song I'vd be to lazy to. You're really dedicated to your books
polygamy_camrenucy polygamy_camrenucy Dec 18, 2016
I wonder why this author write story most of them about Teacher and student fall in love 😂😂 did she fall in love with her teacher or what ?
Sir_SWN Sir_SWN Dec 06, 2016
This has happened before to me! I was reading a smut wattpad story in class and the teacher got my device and read it out loud... T~T.
SchylarUnicornLeader SchylarUnicornLeader Oct 29, 2016
Wait is this really a camren thing and Taylor is a Jauregui and Mrs. Miller is Bea