Short Stories [Man on Man]

Short Stories [Man on Man]

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Masculus By Masculus Updated Apr 17, 2015

[1] The Teacher [complete]

[2] Not His to Keep [unfinished]

[3] Snowed In [unfinished]

    LazySide LazySide Mar 21
    Ugh I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the body and all and I plan to be a doctor, but learning cells are plain awful.
    *Fujoshi face on* heheheheheh *Grabs pillow to stop future fangirl screams*
    Xistence Xistence Oct 03, 2016
    When you turned away everyone that was tryna holler at you and now your hotline don't bling...
    -wtf maybe she should find someone she likes instead of annoying picking out groceries only to put them back
    How does one help you stretch without it being a sex scenario
    BlazingFyre BlazingFyre Feb 17, 2015
    Younger siblings are damn annoying.
                                  /creates an I Hate My Younger Bro/Sis page on Fb