Short Stories [Man on Man]

Short Stories [Man on Man]

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Masculus By Masculus Updated Apr 17, 2015

[1] The Teacher [complete]

[2] Not His to Keep [unfinished]

[3] Snowed In [unfinished]

BagelLily BagelLily Jan 10
B+ B PLUS AGAIN?! (Sorry I make too many references to things... :3)
LazySide LazySide Mar 21, 2017
Ugh I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the body and all and I plan to be a doctor, but learning cells are plain awful.
I love the Arts 
                              Visual Art 
                              Theatre Arts 
                              Home Ec. 
                              History (not an art but eh) 
                              And English Language (also not an art)
LazySide LazySide Jan 09
And then there's me. My GPA went from a 3.5 to a 2.8 ever since I got off my medication. It's terrible.
                              I don't think it was the studying if you know what I mean. 
                              Mr. McCallum got a "show" yesterday.
Goddamn. This boi could feed the 5 thousand with the amount of food he consumes in a damn day.