Hating You Was My Mistake (Jimin BTS)

Hating You Was My Mistake (Jimin BTS)

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love you guys By slaymeyoongi Completed

Naomi is from Gwangju, South Korea. Her parents decided to move her to Seoul for her 18th birthday to study there and live in her own apartment to become independent. She moves to one of the biggest schools in Seoul named Seoul Institute of Music, her life changes forever. 

Park Jimin, the bully and jerk decides to play with her fragile heart.

Things happen, one decision can change someones life. Maybe into something good or something bad. Who knows? 

Will Park Jimin and Son Naomi develop feelings for each other?

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DoctorShu DoctorShu 5 days ago
who do I talk to with regards to puberty's unfair treatment?
My dad isnt exactly over the top supportive. He is just casual like "ok as long as u work hard and fulfill ur dreams ill be happy" but never say ily or anything lol. Or maybe because im closer to my mom.
Ariayani Ariayani Oct 26
Need to remind myself that this is just the prologue but still Im getting excited for what's to come!!!
Pawkri123 Pawkri123 Nov 08
I didn't even read chapter 1 yet but already is tearing up 😩😭😢😢why jimin why
Arshia_Nawmi12 Arshia_Nawmi12 2 days ago
My real name is Arshia Nawmi!!!!! omg it's just a o and w !!!!!
I_Love_Taehyungg I_Love_Taehyungg 19 hours ago
If I ever texted that to my dad he'll be like
                              Is your kpop or Chinese group band coming here that's why you're being all sweet