I Blame James [Abandoned]

I Blame James [Abandoned]

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**Written before Cursed Child**

It was all his fault. James Sirius Potter. He just had to break the time turner. If it wasn't for him, none of it would of happened. But of course he had to, it had him written all over it. Who else would be as careless to break a time turner whisking you and your cousins away nearly twenty-six years into the past?
But what was worse, is that they were trapped there. The next generation of Lupin, Weasley, and Potters land in 1995, forced to live through the beginning of the war that literally scarred their parent's pasts. There's one thing for sure, the Order of the Phoenix is up for a big a surprise.

This story is adopted. For the original version go to @milla345's works.

All cover rights go to- *drumroll* -@lostamongstars! She is siriously incredible!

Started(@milla345): 2/4/14
Adopted(@BrokenTimeTurner): 1/3/15
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Abandoned: 7/31/16

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EuthymiusMalfoy EuthymiusMalfoy Jul 07, 2017
I think I've read this somewhere before..
                              Can't be sure tho.. 
ZoeyGrayson ZoeyGrayson Jul 07, 2017
We said it was a time turner why the hell would you trow it stupid assume git
jabookaholic jabookaholic Aug 01, 2016
I am sorry you feel like you have no inspiration. The story that is there is very good.
Watt_Nerds Watt_Nerds Feb 22, 2015
@AnnabethxGranger I put you in charge of editing this book :) Introduce everything, although, I believe that the author is already familiar with the Brigade. Give your honest opinion on maybe every chapter? Summarise any grammar mistakes at the end of the chapter.