The Knight of Gold (ON HOLD)

The Knight of Gold (ON HOLD)

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May By MayTijssen Updated Mar 11, 2017

In a land of faded colours and a black sky, the sun is nowhere to be seen. It is remembered only in stories and fairytales, and the hope of ever seeing it again fades with its warmth.

The kingdom's biggest threat, The Knight of Gold, has been locked away for as long as people could remember. But freeing it might be the only way to bring back the sun.

Disease strikes the realm, a princess disappears, and something in the castle dungeons stirs. 

Gold will rise again.

"Swords and dragons are well and good, but they're only as great as the people who wield them. The characters of The Knight of Gold are flawed and relatable; their actions and feelings provide an intriguing roller-coaster of twists and secrets brilliantly hidden in the plot. Truly, the interactions between the people in this story can only be matched by the one which a reader can enjoy with the hilarious, amiable author through the comments section of this work."- @Sarian
"It pulled me in from the start with realistic and relatable characters, as well as an incredible storyline that keeps you guessing every chapter! Highly recommended!" - @Songbook22
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willieethel willieethel Mar 23
Please continue. I have read all your books, and I have been so proud of the fact that you are not a slacker.
Lillian_Jones Lillian_Jones Mar 22, 2017
TEEN WOLF TEEN WOLF TEEN WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!😍😍😍😍😍
CarliGGSheeran CarliGGSheeran Jun 09, 2017
                              I can't believe I'm about to experience this again, it's my favorite omg
lidovien lidovien Mar 18, 2017
The cover for this is gorgeous, just as they always are. Your skills blow me away!
YasmineA_ YasmineA_ Jun 05, 2017
Hey I just wanted to let you know that this picture isn't Alex Pettyfer just in case you didn't know 🙈🙈🙈
tothetuneofYMCA tothetuneofYMCA Jun 01, 2017
For a second there, i thought this was a character as well and ready to label them my favourite