Unreal Realities -  Creepypasta x reader

Unreal Realities - Creepypasta x reader

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A story about a girl and her brother goin around eatin people's and killing people's (duh) then one day they meets a persons who will change their future from Hell to Fun then back to hell. 

I originally made this for the lolz but I guess people really like the lolz because they asked me to make a book 2. So that's already out if you enjoy this story. 

Ps: if you find any grammar or spelling errors please inform me by commenting but the ones in the description are on purpose.

PPS: This book kinda sucks. One out of ten would recommend it.

I don't like getting touched in bad places grrr rape police helppp!!
MCandyLuver MCandyLuver Aug 06
omgawd, i wouldnt have the balls ( maybe cuz i am a girl.. ) to climb up trees or anything! IM SO SCARED OF HEIGHTS T^T
MovieLoveMe MovieLoveMe Aug 30
I'm a really GOOD sister
                              Just watching there while my brother eats someone's corpse in front of me 
                              I really am
NightOwl_Bangtan NightOwl_Bangtan Nov 03, 2016
Why does this remind me of the attack on Titan scene...? 
                              (O____o) /)
Trash_McGee Trash_McGee Dec 01, 2016
yes the blanket of darkness covers the sky ( dear lord why do I get like this)
Trash_McGee Trash_McGee Dec 01, 2016
I have green/brown eyes my eyes are primarily greenish gold, but around the pupil is brown