JereMike Smut One-Shot: Perv!

JereMike Smut One-Shot: Perv!

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My names Creeps! By SquishyCreep Completed

just had this idea for the whole day and now I'm finally able to write it out (^^) well, let's see how this'll go!


SEX!!!!!!!!! (smut, lemon whatever)

if you do not like you came polity leave :3

For some reason I kept reading lobe as lube and I was like....wait...I'm confused...🤦🏼‍♀️ I'm dumb 👏🏼
The Animatronics P.O.V:
                              Toy Freddy: .....
                              Toy Bonnie: PFFFT -tries not to giggle-
                              Toy Chica: .... I think im gonna be sick 
                              BB: -holds a camera instead of the sign-
                              Mangle: -watches creeply from ceiling-
Next time someone asks me about shmex I'm gonna say do you me the do...because I've never did the do XD 😂😂👏🏼 Quality👏🏼content
can-rudie-fail can-rudie-fail 5 days ago
So how did this turn from nonconsensual to Jeremy literally asking to ride Mike?
I feel like all the animatronics (especially balloon boy) are watching this and are either gagging, laughing, just scared, or a mixture of all three
After this is all done and Jerry's is going to be late like don't ask see that corner that's the don't ask s*** corner