Build a Better Story

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Hank Quense By hanque Completed
Have a story that needs to be told?  Here's the best way to go about doing it.
    The book describes a process that eases the work involved in developing a story.  
    This reduces the time spent in reworking flawed and imperfect drafts. Following the 
    process allows more time to be spent on the creative activities and shortens the time spent on less creative work.
    Besides the process, this book takes a unique approach to character building and 
    plotting.  It identifies problem areas that inexperienced writers struggle with and 
    explains how to address those problems including character motivation and scene 
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Story Construction 
    Chapter 3: Motivation
    Chapter 4: Patience
    Chapter 5: Character Development
     Chapter 6: Plotting a Story 
    Chapter 7: Daytime TV
    Chapter 8: Writing Humor
    Chapter 9: Writing a Scene 
    Chapter 10: Point of View
    Chapter 11: Setting
    Chapter 12: Getting Started
     Chapter 13: Writing Tips
    Chapter 14: Odds & Ends
    Chapter 15: Story Construction Flow Charts 
    Chapter 16: Books on Writing 
    Chapter 17: Writing Forms 
    Chapter 18: About the Author
     Chapter 19: And in Conclusion
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