The President's Daughter (lesbian)

The President's Daughter (lesbian)

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Elise Shannon is a typical High school student, a friendly, sweet and smart student. she isn't a popular nor she never wanted to be one. Everyone envy her, Elise doesn't know that she's beautiful. 

But her Senior year began to change when she meet this new transfer student from London named Shantal McKinley, A gorgeous, stunning and beautiful. 

Shanntal Mckinley is a mysterious girl from London, people doesn't know so much about her. Her eyes caught by a beautiful Brunette girl named Elise Shannon. 

Since people doesn't know Shanntal's life, and for her security purposes. Sabina her cousin advice her to pretend that she came from a orphanage in London. Shanntal thinks it's a good idea since she really wants to know Elise more. Even though She lied just to get elise's heart. 

Unfortunately, Shanntal is The Presidential Daughter of United State of America.

Does Elise forgive Shanntal for lying to her or not?

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mscoldhart_ mscoldhart_ Sep 25, 2017
uyyyy nagupdate na ayeeeeee.. but I will start again..will read it later my friend.. bwahahahaha..
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Oh I'm Filipino too and I just started writing gxg stories here on Wattpad
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im confused!!! new update or you repost the chapters.. I think i've finish read all chap... but then
TwiceIsLifeAF TwiceIsLifeAF Oct 25, 2015
I can speak both language so i think that i can understand you
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Dont worry to much! We understand what your saying. And im Filipina too!  Keep it up!
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Okay, after your little warning earlier I interpreted the word "Nana" in tagalog