My Bad Boy Alpha Mate

My Bad Boy Alpha Mate

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BatmanRules By BatmanRu1es Completed

Colton, Alpha of the Blue Bloods pack has just lost his mother and is turning cold hearted. But when his mate walks in on him and another she-wolf 'getting it on' will his mate accept him, or not? 

Colton is an 18 year old Alpha. He is cold hearted and the strongest Alpha in the world. Will his mate be able to make him change his ways, or will he love his mate? 

Allison is an 17 year old she-wolf. She's not eager to find her mate, but she sure as hell wants one. But what she does not expect is to get the most strongest and most powerful Alpha as a mate. Allison never knew that a cold hearted person could exist.

Will Allison accept Colton as her mate? Will she be able to change his ways? Will Colton turn soft? Read to find out!!

Sorry if this isn't a good description, this is my first book, I tried my best. So sorry if it doesn't match what your looking for. Otherwise please check it out.


KittenLexxStans KittenLexxStans Sep 14, 2016
Blue Bloods=Vampires. Middle school trigger. Haven't read that series in a long long long time
jazzywolf0919 jazzywolf0919 Mar 25, 2015
no problem but keep writing this story it getting really good
illumifati illumifati Jan 16, 2015
hehehehe ''while my brother was probably watching porn'' I died XD
recreationalwriter recreationalwriter Jan 11, 2015
I think you should take this part out, and slowly put it in the story.