I'll Love You Forever: Ciel X Reader

I'll Love You Forever: Ciel X Reader

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namaiki-chan By namaiki-chan Updated Jul 26

When you and Ciel meet at the Queen's ball, you get together and get through life. Many challenges will be faced but will you two stay together forever?

This is my first story, too! My writing gets better(?) and the chapters get longer throughout the story, so please ignore the terrible writing. And I know how you meet is too quick but oh well

(the struggle is real when you have the same name as one of the characters help)

ⓒ namaiki-chan

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So much Lizzie hate...
                              I should probably stop looking at the comments from now on.
Unfxrgivcn Unfxrgivcn Apr 19
I'm Fourteen! Not twelve! And I do not act like a five year old high in sugar!
ashekyl23 ashekyl23 Apr 17
I actually love lizzie before i even read ciel x reader stories but then like rn im like nah she will get in the way
Nephalem67 Nephalem67 Apr 29
You sure? You're only 13-14. What do kids like your age know about love? Bitch please ✋
OpalMystic OpalMystic Apr 29
I'm 13 and act like a 5 year old. So much like Inuyasha 200 acts 6.... WAIT! OFF TOPIC! THIS IS CIEL TIME! NOW ISN'T THE TIME FOR INUYASHA BRAIN!
                              Brain: Awe come on!
Akuma2212 Akuma2212 Jul 26
She was just like "dont come crawling back to me" and now shes practically begging him to stay with her? Bitch youre confusing me 😂