How to Woo Jason Grace // Jercy

How to Woo Jason Grace // Jercy

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✓~ Percy Jackson has had a crush on Jason for as long as he can remember, tall and handsome, the perfect leader, gorgeous blonde hair, the list goes on and Percy loves all of it.

Only the thing is, he's got no chance. The football captain and prefect with the slightly-punk-skateboarding nobody? Yeah, no.

Lucky for Percy, he's got his best friends Annabeth Chase and Piper McLean.

And so starts the mission to 'Woo Jason Grace'

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- - Dec 28, 2017
Me: *standing next to my siblings, Nico and Hazel, rolling my eyes but smiling*
merf129987 merf129987 Dec 20, 2017
Did you steal my period checklist Percy because that’s about it ice cream and tv and tissues
I do that against my friends sholder or backpack(s) sometimes their back since I'm tiny
My friends and I do this, usually singing : "We are going to see wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ!"
When I red that I thought " hun your gay is showing" before I red this line
Once my family and I found a stray kitten in the mountains and we took it home to find it a forever home or something and he sorta just never left and is adorkable and evil and I love him and now he's mine