My Love, My Family - A Blue Exorcist Fanfiction (Boyxboy) [MPreg]

My Love, My Family - A Blue Exorcist Fanfiction (Boyxboy) [MPreg]

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Terra-K By Another-Fujoshi Updated Jun 25

Bon x Rin Fanfiction   ---   Sequel to My Love, The Demon

Bon and Rin settle down and begin their life together, but not without the help of their friends.Setting- 1 and half years after My Love, The Family

Setting- 1 and half years after My Love, The Demon. (This is my story, but don't own the anime)

Disclaimer - I do not own Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist or the characters. If I did it would have been a yaoi anime. All rights go to Kazue Katō & whoever else.

WARNING: Lemon, Yaoi/BoyxBoy, BL, BxB, Mpreg

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Waiittt shura is in her late twenty's and yukio is 15..... SHIRAZ A PEEEDDOOOOOO
bcwtfnot bcwtfnot Jun 14
I was like; "This is gonna be so cute" then Ris is like; "Ha! I just got laid"
Pika-Girl1 Pika-Girl1 Jun 21
You DO know you're  a demon, right? And that some male demons COULD get pregnant, right?
Alaina_H Alaina_H Dec 24, 2016
But see here is main difference between you and other males 
                              YOUR A FRICKIN DEMON FOR CHRIST SAKE
Gamez4life Gamez4life Dec 19, 2016
Ahahahah my god bon don't do that to much is makes rin sore for a week lol
FemKanekiLove FemKanekiLove Jan 18, 2015
Every story that I read have that one part where they don't use protecting and someone ends up preggers