Rising From The Ashes (Book Five of the Bad Wolf Chronicles)

Rising From The Ashes (Book Five of the Bad Wolf Chronicles)

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With the fall of the Time Lords and the end of the Master comes the fall of the Tenth Doctor and the Second Bad Wolf. The Eleventh Doctor and the Third Bad Wolf are ready for new adventures, and ready to start their new new new lives.

But they don't have the best track record to start off with. After all . . . picking up Amelia Pond fourteen years later than they meant to isn't the best way to begin, is it?

But that might not be the least of their worries. Cracks in time show everywhere they go, and the mysterious River Song has appeared again. And what's the deal about the Pandorica?

After a huge bang, the Doctor and Jessie are rising from the ashes. But how big of a bang can they handle starting their new lives?


Doctor Who belongs to BBC, and anything related to MARVEL belongs to Stan Lee. However, Jessie/the Bad Wolf is my own character and belongs to me.

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Guava_Berry Guava_Berry Mar 15
Yes, crashing from a mile about the Earth, absolutely stellar(!)
MarvelousMe101 MarvelousMe101 Jul 01, 2017
Thus scene always reminds me of Lilo and Stitch, when Lilo is praying for god to send her the best angel and then Stitch pops up laughing all evil. Don't ask me why it reminds me of this cause I don't completely understand my thought process either
the_100_forever_ the_100_forever_ Nov 03, 2017
Any:”Or a mad man with a police telephone box and a semi normal wife”
                              Santa:”I got you, fam.”
- - Mar 19, 2016
'Or a bad wolf and a doctor' Maybe 'Or A Mad couple in a Blue Box'
Hannah_Hatter Hannah_Hatter Mar 05, 2016
Did anybody else read this out loud in a Scottish accent? Please raise your hand
MissWolke MissWolke Jan 10, 2015
I love Rory. And Amy ... well not THAT much. 
                              But I'm so excited to read about these new two Idiots :D