im saved, finally [an "adopted by" phan ff]

im saved, finally [an "adopted by" phan ff]

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(old description) 
---trigger warning please stay safe---
"Hey Ugly!" I heard Piper yell to me
  "Still daydreaming about those Dan and Phil dorks ever adopting you. Let's face it, if no regular person likes nor will adopt you, why will those fags ever will"
  I flashed out of my daydream from the sound of other teens laughing at what seemed to be me.
  I ran upstairs to get my blade
  "She's one's ever gonna adopt me.
  Definitely not Dan and Phil. 
  No one even likes me...
  No one even cares about me...
  no one" 
  I think to myself just before I hit a vein.

(much newer one)
no one likes riley
she thinks why should they
everyone loves dan and phil
so whyd they choose her?

  →{tw: sexual content, profanity, darkness (depression and such), descriptive language, and even a little bit of gore is involved greatly}

******also, i wrote the majority of this fan fiction in 6th grade except the last 3 or 4 chapters to wrap up the book but its quite poorly written in my opinion but a lot of people seem to still read it so to each their own (^:

how are you a dan and phil fan if u don't know what british money is, no offense tho 😂
oh my lordeeeee. this is in every damn story. 'I got my blade' or 'I got got best friend my blade' like dude. That's something a 4th grader would write (trust me, I kNOW, I did it too before going back and cringing)
good for you
                              Good For You
                              GOOD FOR YOU
                              YOU KNOW WHAT? GOOD FOR YOOU
Slut_For_Bokuto Slut_For_Bokuto Aug 28, 2016
Love the name i swear to god I am naming my future child Riley😂
tolbaguette tolbaguette Nov 20, 2016
@AvaTheEmoTrash  what if she was adopted by beebo before?!?! Hehehe
Marrllrn12 Marrllrn12 Feb 26
Me: *in perky voice* HI HOWS IT GOIN
                              *slowly dies inside but no one will ever know*