A Life at Dreamixney High

A Life at Dreamixney High

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Tasha Finch By PrincessSelene04 Updated Jul 24, 2017

BOOK ONE in the "So This is Life" series.

As many of you know this series was inspired by a rotbftd oneshot in my oneshot book. I started with "A Week at the Cabin" but this story treks backwards...into the two years before those events.

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Jackson Overland-Frost is always annoyed that he's partnered up with Elsa Arendelle. He sees her as some prissy girl that doesn't give a damn about anyone else. But that all changes when his friend Hiccup--Elsa's best friend--tells him a secret.

Rapunzel's mother has always made sure she was home the second school was out. She was never allowed to go anywhere or do anything on her own, and she's growing tired of it. So when Flynn Rider breaks into her house, she doesn't hesitant to hit him over the head with a frying pan.

Hiccup's life is pretty good. His dog, Toothless, his girlfriend, Astrid, and his dad are there for him. Unfortunately, that's about to change. Astrid's parents decide to move her family to the other side of the country and they're not sure how well their long distance relationship will work out.

Merida and her family moved to Dreamixney from Scotland when she was ten. Most of her friends are guys seeing as that she's on the football and archery teams. Things are going well for Merida...that is until she's partnered up with Hiccup for health class.


captainswanatonce captainswanatonce May 07, 2016
"When you nod your head yes, but you answer is no what do you mean?" 
                              I hear this song everyday because one of my friends plays this song over and over again
Hun_Hvem_Skriver Hun_Hvem_Skriver Jan 01, 2016
Omfg, it's so weird to think Jack hates Elsa after reading the second book!
- - Dec 22, 2015
@PrincessSelene04 Great story! 10/10. Can't wait to read the next chapter! 😉
Queen-Mendes Queen-Mendes Aug 24, 2015
I'm sorry but this is really confusing! I think that you should complete this book first then start the others. I read 'a week at the cabin' (which is very good) first and now when I read this...I'm so confused!
KristenHilfiger KristenHilfiger Aug 21, 2015
Omg I was really waiting for this book!!! It will be awesome! :D hahah
XPotterheadEverdeenX XPotterheadEverdeenX Jul 02, 2015
@PrincessSelene04 You're welcome XD I love your books! You should lessen the swearing though, I don't think younger audiences would appreciate that 0.0