Starbucks Boy // NaruSasu ✔️

Starbucks Boy // NaruSasu ✔️

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KJ By BLNacho Updated Jan 02, 2015

(Re-uploading my first NaruSasu fanfic ever, I hope you enjoy.)

Naruto X Sasuke

Sasuke moves to the city and meets Naruto, a boy who works at a Starbucks near his apartment.

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Miles_Is_Tired Miles_Is_Tired Jul 13, 2016
You know what I really like about fanfic like this? Well I like how you meet someone for the first time but you don't even realize yet that, that person is your future Husband/Wife. I just think it's so cute💓💓😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😅😅😆😆😆😆
PyuaJonetsu PyuaJonetsu Feb 21, 2016
I had a fit of laughter when Sasuke went into the Starbucks I couldn't control myself.
AnimeOTPSbruh AnimeOTPSbruh Aug 17, 2016
Why is Sasuke acting like a high school girl? "I'll just wait 2 weeks then text him so he knows nothings up! Ehehehehehehe!"
kai_inuzuka kai_inuzuka Nov 05, 2016
I got plenty of notifications and zero friends I wish it was the other way around but nah it's just notifications
aidxans aidxans Oct 24, 2015
I just rrapeated awe that's cut like ten times while giggling a not aweeee