The Sergeant and The Billionaire

The Sergeant and The Billionaire

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" I want you Samantha," I sat rigidly at his blatant outburst,
"What if I don't want you?" he raised his eyebrows,
"You weren't saying that when we fucked in my limo," I widened my eyes at his words, hoping no one heard what he just said.
"I suggest you forget about it. I don't fuck the same person twice," he smirked at that,
"You'll make an exception for me. I'm sure of that," I chuckled,
"You just don't give up do you?" he shrugged nonchalantly at my question. I tugged at the hem of my dress as I mentally weighed my options. Lighten up Sam, it's not like he's asking you to marry him, or worse, quit your job. I sighed once more,
"Take me to your place then."


Sergeant Samantha Wells was given a year off by the Department of Defence to recuperate. She wasn't functioning well due to the gruelling events of the Syria excursion. What was she supposed to do now?The army is the only thing she knows, she loved the thrill of defusing bombs. With a heavy ache in her heart she has to return to Upper East Side, Manhattan to the lavish lifestyle that she resents so much and to the only parent she has; her father. Little did she know that one of New York's elite bachelors Leonardo Palmer would take an interest in her. The only problem is Samantha isn't interested in building a life with the young CEO of Palmer Technologies, she just wants to get better so she can go back to the base in L.A.

Mature Content 18 yrs and over please


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Travel_Pixie94 Travel_Pixie94 Jul 17, 2017
I almost went to Eustis but then my ass got stuck at Belvoir 😑
XuanHime XuanHime Jul 12, 2017
So good!! I recently watched Meghan Leavy and I loved it so I'm so happy to be reading this book!
MariMarie MariMarie Apr 05, 2017
I'm not sure how much you know about the military, but since she has a degree, she could actually be an officer which is what most college graduates go for. It's called Direct Commisioning. Don't have to, but it's just some useful information
IShipManyThings IShipManyThings Feb 04, 2017
And then there's Palmer technologies that goes with this flash reference. U know. As in Ray Palmer?
Your-Future-Idol Your-Future-Idol Nov 08, 2016
Harrison Wells? As in, the Flash Harrison Wells. Reverse Flash!
shyshy1514 shyshy1514 Apr 16, 2016
It seems like it's going to be a great books can't wait to read it!!