Kronos's Spy (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Kronos's Spy (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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Queen Levana By Queen_Levana Updated Oct 03

He felt betrayed. He felt hurt. The gods had destroyed the great hero leaving just a shell of a person. He came back though with a thirst for Revenge. Revenge for those who had been killed for no reason. The gods were going to pay.

 Percy Jackson is no longer the hero you read about. Now he is a heartbroken warrior, willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.

This is the story of his revenge. Will he succeed and destroy the gods or will someone save him from the evil quickly stealing this hero's soul?

All rights go to Rick Riordan.

August 18th. That is the easiest question, EVER.
                              I HATE THIS CHAPTER!!!
So says the guy who said that Percy would be dead before he even got his sword out.
August 18th, 1994 according to the release of the Lightning Thief
Dad? Aunty Hestia? Artemis? Hermes? Apollo? Aphrodite? Athena? Demeter? Basicly everyone who doesn't not like Percy or Annabeth.