A Not So Innocent Crush | a Lauren/You Fanfiction

A Not So Innocent Crush | a Lauren/You Fanfiction

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After earning a scholarship at the country's top boarding school, Y/N thinks she can change her shy, secluded, nerdy self to what she wishes she could be, along with the help of her friends, of course. But that thought goes down the drain when she sees her old crush from kindergarten: Lauren Jauregui. And it turns out, she still has a crush on her to this day. 

Lauren Jauregui attends the country's top boarding school and is working on creating herself a music career. When she needs help on one of her music class projects, she comes across someone who she would never expect. And she knows that she needs that person, but is it just for help on her music project? 

Find out what happens when two extremely talented girls, four inseparable best friends and a jealousy-driven girlfriend come together to create A Not So Innocent Crush.

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CamrenBunny CamrenBunny Feb 25
Again?! Motherfucker tried to break my arm in kindergarten💀
Tater0205 Tater0205 Jan 22
That's why mostly where ever I go I have my phone and ear buds so I don't have to talk to them
I'm sorry. Who's dat bish? Lol the second hand embarrassment
I'm laughing so hard bc that's totally something that I would say
XBeliefzX XBeliefzX Jan 04
You guys know there’s a latter to connect the beds together? Basically Ally can climb up there xd
SarcasmLivesHere SarcasmLivesHere Dec 27, 2017
He sure can save the world but he can’t save me from embarrassment...