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Café Rouge

Café Rouge

2.7M Reads 96.8K Votes 33 Part Story
Laura A.J. By cherrypop12 Completed

Café Rouge is the small french cafe that Lola's father has poured his heart and soul into. She'd never thought, he'd acquired it through...darker means. The Italian mob to be more precise. Now it's collection time and Lola's paying the price. Trading herself for her father's life-Lola finds herself in the hands of the incredibly frustrating, confusing and very good looking mob son's boss-Carlos. She's convinced that with Carlos there's nothing more than what meets the eye; a cold-hearted, killer but could she be wrong?

Warning: First chapter goes fast since it was taken from a One-Shot. I will be editing this along with the rest of the book much later so bear in mind the story does get better :)

AuthorHAHL AuthorHAHL Aug 03, 2016
In spanish/Italian it is my small/little child. I grew up with an Italian mom and Spanish dad so I speak both.
Taviana21 Taviana21 Aug 27, 2016
Pretty sure he's going to suffer if you're taken away from him and sold into this deal so...
bablilaila1996 bablilaila1996 Jul 13, 2016
Well ur father is the one to blame nd u r the one to offer urslf. Duh
Cue the channing tatum dance in Magic Mike *plays pony in the background*
ZabrinaChristiansen ZabrinaChristiansen Dec 17, 2016
You are going to be sorry when you are dragt out of there whit a sore and read ass and whit out your things
Sound a bit rapey to me... relax kid. Lol
                              When the lady is willing, proceed.