GerIta: Prank Gone Wrong

GerIta: Prank Gone Wrong

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Italy and Germany were training one day while Japan watched with a cat purring steadily in his lap.  England spied  on the three,  and for some reason had his wand with him, sticking up out of his back pocket.  Italy stumbled upon the country, and stanched the wand, hoping to pull a prank on England. Instead it back-fires on himself, breaking England's wand in the process so he can't return to normal. 

This will either cause Germany and Italy to drift apart or grow closer together.

What happened to  Italy, and will Germany stay with Italy?

I don't own Hetalia or the characters! only the plotline!

Joshuagasgb Joshuagasgb Aug 25
The first sentence can also be: "Doitsu!! Slower!! I can't take it anymore!! Please!! I can't hold up that speed!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"
At least he doesn't have to hide his b*ners from Germany anymore...
It's moments like these that make me thankful I know some Italian
I feel sorry for him. He has to deal with painful boobs and don't forget about our monthly visit from Satan!
rape_face rape_face Aug 17
thats not the worst of it *looks over a satan holding a pad*
... I don't understand why they call them 'spagetti', trying to sound italian, when it is 'spaghetti'.