Like, Totally Crazy (HongIce)

Like, Totally Crazy (HongIce)

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Magic Mike By TheSeerOfDoom Completed

Emil, or Iceland, as you know him, thought he was a loner, separated from the other Nordic countries, distant from the world. Like your typical teenager, he thought nobody understood him. He thought that his brother was way too caring and he thought that friends would only drag him down.

But then he meets Leon, or Hong Kong, and realizes that he may not exactly be alone. You see, Hong Kong too comes from a large, crazed feeling, and he too, feels distant from his brothers and sisters.

The two form a close bond, but after a while Emil begins to realize that he feels something else for Leon....

Something else beyond friendship...

However something soon unexpected happens, that does not only affect them, but everybody else too....

(I recommend reading this after Promise and before Breaking)

(Cover by @LizzieOwl)

SundaySundaes SundaySundaes Aug 07, 2016
*Danish Slaughterhouse memories resurfacing*
                              Don't even do this author.
                              Iceland, just get in the car. You live with Denmark, I'm sure you'll be fine.
Greekgirl137 Greekgirl137 Sep 02, 2016
I hardly know you, Augustus Waters. You could be an axe murderer
otaco_girl otaco_girl Sep 10, 2016
The people in these comments sound like Donald Trump (has anyone else seen that video?)
SundaySundaes SundaySundaes Aug 07, 2016
Oh dear, the China in its natural habitat is unhappy at the moment.
APH-Trash- APH-Trash- Sep 28, 2016
Hong Kong is literally just
                              China+England+Poland+more homosexuality.
- - Aug 01, 2016
Starbucks is my life tbh. Although I prefer tea for its distictive taste, I think coffee tastes pretty cool as well. And Starbucks? For me, Starbucks is the combination of tea and coffee. Sign me up for that shït, right now.