Twisted Magic (boyxboy)

Twisted Magic (boyxboy)

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Barbara J Webb By BarbaraJWebb Completed

Book one of The Knights of the Twisted Tree.

The war is over, and Korin has come to Trisome, the greatest city in the world, for a fresh start. But Trisome holds its own dark secrets, and Korin may not have left all his enemies behind.

A disease stalks the city, a disease made of magic that only a wizard like Korin can cure. But he can't fight it alone, and his new allies may not be as friendly as they seem. Especially handsome Ádan, who awakens feelings and memories that Korin would rather have left behind, and whose smiling face may be hiding the darkest secret of all.

This is a work in progress, not a final draft, and as such may be subject to errors and changes as I go. Although a revised and edited version will be published, this draft will remain available on Wattpad.

Cover by Scarlett Rugers Design

TheMasterTara TheMasterTara 4 days ago
Great start, seriously. And this chapter is so long compared to most, so I'm happy. :3
I love your style of writing! This story is so intriguing! Just after the first chapter I want the whole book right now. I can't wait to read all of it😄
SleepyGreed SleepyGreed Aug 19
I love how she warned him not to touch the girls, but this girls like:  "Come eat me!"
QueenMee123 QueenMee123 Aug 16
Your book is really good I love it so far, if you wouldn't mind checking out my book electrolight and commenting what you think that would be amazing😊
This is amazing I didn't know this site did individual stories as I'm new to it but this is so intriguing and i should probably get to reading the next chapter!!!!!
1deathgod 1deathgod Sep 12
This is excellent. Naturally there are a handful of typos, but that's to be expected. You have yourself a dedicated reader here.